Find the equation of the line that contains the given point and is perpendicular to the given line. Write the equation in slope-intercept form, if possible, (6,2);y=-3x-3

Find the equation of the line that contains the given point and is perpendicular to the given line.

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hey there!

if she's saving for six months, let's divide the total number we need for the trip by six, dividing it into the amount that needs to be saved for each month.

500 ÷ 6 = [tex]83.\overline3[/tex]

she needs to save at least this amount each month, so we should use this symbol: ≥

let x be the amount she saves each month.

your final answer is x ≥ [tex]83.\overline3[/tex]

hope this !

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step-by-step explanation:

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say 50 oranges, then 100 apples

80 are red, 20 are yellow

total fruit = 150

20chances out of 150 for yellow

20/150 = 13.33%

answered: nhu78
25.01.2022 17:10


Step-by-step explanation:

We need to find a line perpendicular to the given line. Let's first find the slope. If the line is perpendicular, it's slope is the negative reciprocal of the given line:


Now that we know the slope, we can plug in the given points to solve for the y-intercept.


Therefore the equation of the line is:


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