There are 5 red marbles, 4 blue marbles and 7 black marbles in a bag. Like the theoretical P(choosing a red)

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the equation cos(35) =a/25 can be used to find the length of bc what is the length of bc? round to the nearest tenth

step-by-step explanation:

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a. turk and mcalister

b. howard, mission, and market

c. yes. since streets end some do not cross yet are not parallel to others. example: mcalister and 5th

step-by-step explanation:

parallel lines are lines which do not intersect ever and look a lot like railroad tracks. turk, mcalister and golden gate are examples of these.

intersect are streets which cross each other and a car on one can reach the other. howard, mission, and market intersect with 6th.

skew lines are lines which neither intersect nor are parallel. these lines exist here because some streets end and never intersect another like mcalister and 5th.

A. name the streets that are parallel to golden gate. b. name the streets that intersect 6th street.
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Step-by-step explanation:

1. To find the answer, add up all the marbles.

4+5+7= 16

2. Because 16 is the total number of outcomes, it will be the denominator.


3. Because 5 is the number of desireable outcomes, it will be the numerator.


(Note: the decimal equivalence is 0.3125).

(Note: the ratio equivalence is 5:16).

(Note: the percent equivalence is 31.25%).

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