Find the midpoint of A and B where A has co ordiantes (2,7) and B has co ordinates (6,3)

lwaites18   ·   08.05.2022 14:00
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answered: adrian128383
01.07.2019 07:40
He traveled 110miles  all you really have to do is break the problem down enjoy your answer
answered: michellecr20057
01.07.2019 04:30

if y=4x then you will substitute 4x in for y in the second equation.

8x + 4x = 18 combine like terms

12x = 18 divide by 12 on both sides

x = 18/12 or 3/2

now replace x in the first equation with 3/2 to get

y = 4 3/2

y = 6

the answer is a


hope that .

brainliest is always apprectiated

30.06.2019 10:00

if you would like with a question it is easy to get an answer by including some or multi choice options

step-by-step explanation:

24.06.2019 04:00

the solution is 12x-6y

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