All things being equal, when producers sell goods for a lower price, they make ΟΟΟΟ
more money
the same amount of money.
less money.
as much money as the law allows.

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29.06.2019 14:00
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y=sec x is the correct answer

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a.   we have two

lines:   y = 4-x   and  

y = 8-x^-1

given two simultaneous equations that are both to be

true, then the solution is the points where the lines cross. the intersection is

where the two equations are equal. therefore the solution that works for both

equations is when

4-x = 8-x^-1

this is where the two lines will cross and that is the

common point that satisfies both equations.


b.   4-x = 8-x^-1


  x           4-x       8-x^-1


-3           7        


-2           6         8.5

-1           5         9

  0           4        


  1           3        


  2           2        


  3           1         7.67


the table shows that none of the x values from -3 to 3 is

the solution because in no case does

4-x = 8-x^-1


to find the solution we need to rearrange the equation to

find for x:

4-x = 8-x^-1

multiply both sides with x:

4x-x^2 = 8x-1


x= -4.236, 0.236


therefore there are two points that satisfies the


find y:  


y = 4-x   = 4 – (-4.236)

= 8.236

y = 8-x^-1 =   .236)^-1

= 8.236



  y = 4-x   = 4 – (0.236) = 3.764

y = 8-x^-1 =   8-(0.236)^-1

= 3.764


thus the two lines cross at 2 points:

(-4.236, 8.236) & (0.236, 3.764)


c.   to solve

graphically the equation 4-x = 8-x^-1

we would graph both lines: y = 4-x   and   y

= 8-x^-1

the point on the graph where the lines cross is the

solution to the system of equations.

just graph the points on part b on a cartesian coordinate

system and extend the two lines.   the

solution is, as stated, the point where the two lines cross on the graph.

step-by-step explanation:

mark brainliest!

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26.06.2019 19:40

the factors of 24 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24. hope this ! mark brainliest! you v much! : )

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