Pls help very confused Which of the following is the result of flipping the graph of the inverse shown
below over the line y = x?

lburch112   ·   08.05.2022 17:50
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answered: viuygoiu6446
30.06.2019 10:40

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29.06.2019 06:30

the functions have the same rate of change i think. i narrowed it down to this answer and "the rate of change of tour 1 is greater" but i got it wrong using that answer so im assuming its the answer above. (this is a question i also answered from the iready site if anyone needs a reference)

answered: kaziyahf2006
27.06.2019 04:30

step-by-step explanation:

mean or average is 40.6

08.05.2022 17:50

When the graph of the given function is flipped over the line , the coordinates will swap.

The mapping for a reflection in the line  is .

We can observe that one portion of the graph is in the first quadrant . When we flip this part we will get , which is still in the first quadrant.

Also, when we flip the portion of the graph in the second quadrant (-x,y), we will obtain (y,-x), which is standing for all coordinates in the fourth quadrant.

The image is shown in the attachment.

Step-by-step explanation:

Pls help very confused

Which of the following is the result of flipping the graph of the inverse s

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