Suppose that A and B are points on the number line. If AB=5 and B lies at 12, where could A be located?
If there is more than one location, separate them with commas.
Location(s) of A :

shadowangel84   ·   21.02.2023 14:00
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answered: chrisd2432
24.06.2019 09:00

your answer is d 2,500

step-by-step explanation:

The circle graph represents a family’s monthly budget if the total monthly budget is 5,000 how much
23.06.2019 12:50

step-by-step explan mxfcg'k; uafwgzfgjhklhgation:

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step-by-step explanation:

answered: ykluhredd
21.02.2023 14:00

locations of A are 7, 17

Step-by-step explanation:

since B is positioned at 12 and AB = 5 , then

A = 12 - 5 or 12 + 5 = 7 , 17

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