How to convert 9.4 degrees into feet and inches

deb64   ·   21.02.2023 15:20
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answered: neko64
28.06.2019 20:00


step-by-step explanation:

16.80 x .20 = 13.46

answered: gungamer720
28.06.2019 01:00


-by-step explanation:

it would be c

Pls only fo the first one i will mark brainliest
answered: ily50
26.06.2019 19:40


step-by-step explanation:

answered: edandjill24
26.06.2019 07:30

36 girls

step-by-step explanation:

the 48 boys is 4 parts of the ratio

divide 48 by 4 to obtain one part of the ratio

[tex]\frac{48}{4}[/tex] = 12 ← 1 part of the ratio

3 parts = 3 × 12 = 36 ← number of girls

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