How many radians are in a full rotation around a circle, or 360°?

kaylabustos10   ·   21.02.2023 18:10
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answered: garcikyl000
28.06.2019 01:30
How much is 32 out of 40 written as a percentage? convert fraction (ratio) 32 / 40 answer:   80%
answered: quanharris2k19
26.06.2019 18:00
Ibelieve the answer is c
answered: carrottopsadly
26.06.2019 03:10
55. i don’t no. but zhongshan
answered: Cythina2007
21.02.2023 18:10


A full rotation.

To find the correct radians.

So as we know full rotation means 360 degree.

Also we know,


So for getting 360 degree. we get,


So the required solution is,


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