1-5 Personal Expenses
1. You get paid on the first day of each month. You cash your
check and pay all of your essential expenses. You keep the
balance in your "discretionary spending" envelope. A scatter
plot shows the number of days that have passed since you
were paid and the amount left in your discretionary
spending envelope. The explanatory x-variable is the

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answered: zozo88
28.06.2019 02:40

the answer is:

the answer is:

[tex]\frac{3^{4} }{3^{1}}=3^{3}[/tex]


to solve the problem, we need to remember the quotient of power property, it's defined by the following relation:

[tex]\frac{a^{m} }{a^{n} }=a^{m-n}[/tex]

if we have a quotienf of powers that have the same base, we need to keep the same base and subtract the exponent of the denominator power to the exponent of the numerator power.

so, we are given the expression:

[tex]\frac{3^{4} }{3^{1}}[/tex]

then, calculating we have:

[tex]\frac{3^{4} }{3^{1}}=3^{4-1}=3^{3}[/tex]

hence, the answer is:

[tex]\frac{3^{4} }{3^{1}}=3^{3}[/tex]

have a nice day!

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27.06.2019 14:00

the answer is 62.8 cubic units

answered: ariana7245
26.06.2019 23:20

step-by-step explanation: 4 cause 2+2=4

25.06.2019 10:30

answer: answer is c!

ok i got to organize the

3/15 and 12/55



3*4 equals 12 but not

a: no


8/24 12/35



it's c

5/18 = 25/90


18*5 = 90

hope that you!

one more happy customer!

< 3

step-by-step explanation:

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