Lawerence spent $1.89 on a bottle of paint and $0.45 on a brush
A. What was the total spent
B. Explain how the model helps you find the sum

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when rotating a figure 180 degrees, imagine that you are able to take the figure and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise around a center point. to rotate a figure 180 degrees, you will need to apply the rule (x, y) → (-x, -y). start by using a coordinate grid with coordinates for each vertex of the figure. the center point of the coordinate grid is located at (0, 0), which is what you will rotate the figure around. write down the original coordinates of the shape you are going to rotate. then, apply the rule. for example, coordinate (1, 2) becomes (-1, -2). another example would be, coordinate (-4, -2) becoming (4, 2). after you change each original coordinate to the rotated coordinate, you will draw your new figure.

step-by-step explanation:

Identify the transformation that maps the figure with center (7, 1) onto itself. a) rotate 180° cloc
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a. she will receive a refund of $278.

step-by-step explanation:

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a,b, and d


a reflection angle is more than

[tex]\pi \: radians[/tex]

but less than;

[tex]2 \pi \: radians[/tex]

an angle that measures

[tex] \frac{4 \pi}{3} \: radians[/tex]

is a reflex angle.(true)

an angle that measures less than

[tex] \frac{\pi}{2} [/tex]

is acute.(true)

provided we are considering angles greater or equal to zero.

an acute angle lies in the range.

[tex]0 \leqslant \theta \: < \frac{\pi}{2} [/tex]

an obtuse angle is less than 180° but more than 90°

an angle that measures 300° is obtuse (false)

an angle that measures 65° is an acute angle.(true)

Mark all the statements that are true
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The answer is 63.!

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