You have 24 carrots. you pack all of them into 2 lunch boxes, each with 3 bags of 4
which expressions equal the total number of carrots?
select the three correct expressions.

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27.06.2019 09:00
Aquadratic function is one of the form f(x)=ax2 + bx + c l, where a,b, and c are numbers with are not equal to zero.
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27.06.2019 03:20

answer: b. f(x) = (x + 2)^3 (x^2 - 7x + 3)^4

step-by-step explanation:

polynomials always have as many roots as their order. this is a 4th order polynomial- hence 4 roots!

complex roots of polynomials always come in pairs. the quadratic equation has the "+/-" in that will alwaysgenerate m+ni amd m-ni, so 7-2i must be a root of this polynomial equation.

the order of the numerator and denominator are both 2. so the horizontal asymptote is y=a2/b2 =7

verticle asymptotes are the forbidden x-values. f(x) becomes undefined at x=-3 because this value will cause a zero denominator.

a graph of r(x) will have vertical asymptotes at ±1 because these values will make the denominator zero. so the domain of the function cannot include ±1.

you 're wlecome! : )

cretdit to source

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26.06.2019 15:00

where did you get them? if you picked from the grass, is is probably poisonous.

step-by-step explanation:

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25.06.2019 01:00

arrange the equations with like terms in columns.

analyze the coefficients of x or y.

add the equations and solve for the remaining variable.

substitute the value into either equation and solve.

check the solution.

step-by-step explanation:

30 points easy question im just dumb me when solving this system of equations using linear combinat

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Which is a reasonable first step that can be use...		</div>		<div class=
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