Hannah read 8 books in 4 months. If she reads at a constant rate, how many books did she read each month? Give your answer as a whole number or a FRACTION in simplest form.

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answered: josecano2
25.06.2019 22:00
Agc and bgd are vertical angles
answered: fatty18
25.06.2019 11:00

x > 1.3

step by step:

8.5−0.9x> 9.8−1.9x

step 1: simplify both sides of the inequality.

−0.9x+8.5> −1.9x+9.8

step 2: add 1.9x to both sides.

−0.9x+8.5+1.9x> −1.9x+9.8+1.9x

1x+8.5> 9.8

step 3: subtract 8.5 from both sides.

1x+8.5−8.5> 9.8−8.5

1x> 1.3

step 4: divide both sides by 1.

1x/1 > 1.3/1

#14 . solve each inequality using addition and subtraction.
answered: michelle453
24.06.2019 22:30

7! = 7×6×5×4×3×2

3! = 3× 2

as 7! is multiple of 3! because 7! contains 3! that is 3× 2 as factor

so 7! /(3! ) = 7× 6× 5× 4

= 42 × 20

= 840

its b) 840✌✌✌


answered: PAADUUUgma
23.06.2019 12:00
10feet apart then both

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