A figure is located at (2, 0), (2, −2), and (6, 0) on a coordinate plane. What kind of 3-D shape would be created if the figure was rotated around the x-axis? Provide an explanation and proof of your answer to receive full credit. Include the dimensions of the 3-D shape in your explanation

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for this case we have that by definition, the volume of a cylinder is given by:

[tex]v = \pi * r ^ 2 * h[/tex]


r: it's the radio

h: it's the height

we have as data that:

[tex]r = 8\\h = 3[/tex]


[tex]v = \pi * 8 ^ 2 * 3\\v = \pi * 64 * 3\\v = 192 \pi[/tex]

so, the cylinder volume is[tex]192 \pi[/tex]

option d

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are ya tryin to ask something or is this a statement

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Where’s the graph too show me?
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step-by-step explanation:

Multiple choice: select the best answer and click "submit." what is the name of the sides of the t

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