On Saturday, 10p.8 people hiked around Lake E. Find the total distance walked
by the grou

tessafargo   ·   18.09.2023 22:51
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answered: tonio638
01.07.2019 12:00

the distance between the school and her home is 3.6km.


12 mins = 0.2 hours = 1/5 hour

54 ÷ 3 = 18km per hour

1/5 of 18 = 3.6km per 12 mins

answered: edjiejwi
27.06.2019 05:00

the answer will be b x² +x-1

step-by-step explanation:

26.06.2019 11:30

answer: i don't understand it

step-by-step explanation: sorry

answered: annekacoleman
23.06.2019 23:00

given that triangle abc is transformed two times to get triangle


first abc is transformed in to a'b'c' as follows:

the coordinates of a are (1,-1) and transformed into a'(-1,1)

similarly b (4,-2) became b'(-4,2) and

c(7,-2) became c'(-7,2)

i.e. (x,y) becomes (-x,-y)

this is nothing but reflection about a point here origin.

thus first transformation is reflection on the origin.

next is exactly shifting 3 units down


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