The scale on a map is stated as 1:100000 on the map, jenifer estimates that the distance to her destination is 8cm if she is correct in her estimate, how many km is it to her destination?

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total cost for tiles and paints is $924.  

step-by-step explanation:

we have been given that a community hall is in the shape of a cuboid. the hall is 40m long 15m high and 3m wide.

the paint will be required for 4 walls and ceiling.

let us find area of walls and ceiling.

[tex]\text{area of walls and ceiling}=(2*40*15)+(2*3*15)+(40*3)[/tex]

[tex]\text{area of walls and ceiling}=1200+90+120[/tex]

[tex]\text{area of walls and ceiling}=1410[/tex]

therefore, the area of walls and ceiling is 1410 square meters.

given: cost for 10 litre of paint is $10 and 10 litre paint covers 25 square meter. therefore,

[tex]\text{ the total painting cost}=10*(\frac{1410}{25})[/tex]

[tex]\text{ the total painting cost}=10*56.4=564[/tex]

therefore, the total painting cost is $564.

tiles will be required for floor. let us find the area of floor.

[tex]\text{area of floor} = 40*3\text{ square meters}[/tex]

[tex]\text{area of floor} =120\text{ square meters}[/tex]

given: 1m squared floor tiles costs $3. so,

[tex]\text{total cost for tiles} = 3*120 = 360[/tex]

therefore, the total tiles cost is $360.

now let us find combined total cost of tiles and paint.

[tex]\text{combined total cost}= 564+360 = 924[/tex]

therefore, the combined total cost of tiles and paint is $924.

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step-by-step explanation:

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It is 5.8 you add all of the up to equat 180 then solve the equation
Need asap! brainliest and 15 points! triangle ghj has the exterior angles shown below.
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1935/10,000= 387/2000the answer to the question is c

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