Explain what happens to the pitch of a cell phone ring when the wavelength of a sound wave increases

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If you're looking for an even spread of clay, silt and sand, add a considerable amount of sand and some clay until the 3 even out". soil texture triangle. silty clay loam soil is approximately 20 percent or less sand, 25 to 40 percent clay, and 40 to 70 percent silt.
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the tires are rotating at 0.434 rpmlinear speed=45 m/sdiameter=0.550 mradius=0.275 mnow v= rωω= v/rω=45/0.275ω=163.6 rad/sω=163.6 rad/s (1rev/2π rad) (60s/1m)ω=1563 rpm

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electrical power

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"Pitch" of sound is what we hear as the result of its frequency.

When the wavelength of any sound INcreases, its frequency DEcreases.

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