Planets are not uniform inside. normally, they are densest at the center and have decreasing density outward toward the surface. model a spherically symmetric planet, with the same radius as the earth, as having a density that decreases linearly with distance from the center. let the density be 1.20×104 kg/m3 at the center and 2100 kg/m3 at the surface. what is the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of this planet?

g= ? m/s^2

kaitlynauito75   ·   28.11.2019 00:31
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answered: redraider4915
12.07.2019 11:30

at right angles to each other

answered: amazinga
07.07.2019 01:00
Ithink the answer is c but then again i'm probably wrong
answered: kah36
28.06.2019 02:30

answer: strength i guess


answered: cair6415
21.06.2019 22:00
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Idon’t know the answer to it and am stuck....
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