Which statement places events during the Space Race in the correct order from the earliest to the most recent? NASA was established, US satellite Explorer launched, first man walked on the moon, first man orbited the Earth

first man walked on the moon, first man orbited the Earth, NASA was established, US satellite Explorer launched

US satellite Explorer launched, NASA was established, first man orbited the Earth, first man walked on the moon

first man orbited the Earth, first man walked on the moon, US satellite Explorer launched, NASA was established

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What even is this. where is the question
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the simple machine has three main features. they are:


fulcrum is the center point or pivot point of the machine. effort is input force/ applied force. load is external force/ output.

the keisha 's machine labels are

x : load

y: fulcrum

z: lever

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the answer to this question is 60 n

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The correct statement order from the earliest to the most recent is (US satellite Explorer launched, NASA was established, first man orbited the Earth, first man walked on the moon.)


The United States first Satellite was launched in the date of February 1, 1958. It was given the name 'Explorer 1'. It was a cosmic ray detector which was constructed to measure the radiation environment in earth orbit.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was established in the year 1958 on the first day of October by United States of America. This was created as a response to the Soviet Union over thier first Satellite launch.

First man orbited the earth in the year 1961 on April 12. This was achieved by a Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.

The first human on the moon is Neil Armstrong through the spacecrafts called Apollo's 11. This event occurred on 20 July 1969

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