C 0 0 Suppose the initial position of an object is zero, the starting velocity is 3 m/s and the final velocity was 10 m/s. The
object moves with constant acceleration. Which part of a velocity vs. time graph can be used to calculate the
displacement of the object?
O the area of the rectangle under the line
O the area of the rectangle above the line
the area of the rectangle plus the area of the triangle under the line
O the area of the rectangle plus the area of the triangle above the line

C 0 0

Suppose the initial position of an object is zero, the starting velocity is 3 m/s and the f

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Ithink it’s cancer risk
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Apossible long term health effects of stress would be work
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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. it was the first planet to get its existence predicted by  mathematical calculations  before it was actually seen through a telescope on sept. 23, 1846. irregularities in the orbit of  uranus  led french astronomer alexis bouvard to suggest that the gravitational pull from another celestial body might be responsible. german astronomer johann galle then relied on subsequent calculations to   spot neptune via telescope. previously, astronomer galileo galilei sketched the planet, but he mistook it for a star due to its slow motion. in accordance with all the other planets seen in the sky, this new world was given a name from greek and roman mythology — neptune, the roman god of the sea.
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1 b

2 d

3 b

4 d


sorry Yan lang Alam ko e

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