A Ball is dropped from 50cm and bounces to 25 cm. The coeffiecient of restitution (e) is: a.0.5

catherinesquitieri   ·   18.10.2021 03:30
answered: chonawilson4
11.07.2019 22:00

find the surface area of the sphere to the nearest square unit. use a calculator.

a. 254 in.2

b. 64 in.2

c. 127 in.2

d. 1,018 in.2

11.07.2019 16:10
Definitely the indoraptor
answered: naguil1210
29.06.2019 10:00

asthenosphere and convection

answered: victoriadorvilu
18.10.2021 03:30
The answer is A. 0.5

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Plz, guys answer 20 and 21. it's urgent...
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