Pam has a mass of 44.9 kg and she is at rest on smooth, level, frictionless ice. Pam straps on
a rocket pack. The rocket supplies a constant
force for 20.5 m and Pam acquires a speed of
62 m/s.
62 m/s.
What is the magnitude of the force?

Pam has a mass of 44.9 kg and she is at rest on

smooth, level, frictionless ice. Pam straps on

sophiaa23   ·   25.01.2022 14:00
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answered: odriskel49
17.07.2019 01:30
Your answer is 120miles 
answered: coolkitty35
14.07.2019 06:30

electrical potential energy =0.072 j


electrical potential energy is given by

u= q δv

q= charge=6 c

δv= potential difference and is given by

δv= e d

e= electric field

d= distance=5 mm=0.005 m

δv=2.4 (0.005)=0.012 v

now electric potential energy= u= q δv

u=6 (0.012)

u=0.072 j

answered: ceceshelby1130
11.07.2019 17:50
I'm not sure what your asking buddy.. but i know that you can weld two peices of steel by pure force and pressure.
answered: 1940swannabe
05.07.2019 12:10
The answer is b hope this

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