An electric motor uses 670 kJ of electrical energy to generate 595 kJ of mechanical kinetic energy. What is the efficiency of the motor? Full example, please...
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answered: hfroslie6411
16.07.2019 23:00
If the heat engine is a perfect carnot cycle engine, thenefficiency = (t2-t1)/t2   where t1=temperature of cold reservoir ( ° k) = 135            t2=temperature of hot reservoir ( ° k)   = 325thereforeefficiency = (t2-t1)/t2 = (325-135)/325 = 0.5846 = 58%  note: this is the theoretical maximum efficiency of a perfect heat engine.   real-life engines do not achieve this value.
answered: annapittbull12
12.07.2019 19:20
Sorry i don’t know what to do
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11.07.2019 16:30
The answer is 12, for the points
answered: jdiffenbaugh115
25.01.2022 14:10
Used energy=595KJTotal energy=670KJ


\\ \tt\longmapsto \dfrac{595}{\cancel{670}}\times \cancel{100}

\\ \tt\longmapsto \dfrac{595}{67}\times 10

\\ \tt\longmapsto 8.88(10)

\\ \tt\longmapsto 88.8\%

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