Ex 3. A 200kg empty railroad cart moves east at 15m/s. A 50kg rock is
dropped straight down into the moving
cart. What is the final speed of the
railroad cart?

miguelc2145   ·   25.01.2022 15:10
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answered: random7527
16.07.2019 04:10
Ohm's law tells you that i = v/r where v is equivalent voltage and r is equivalent resistance of the circuit
since all circuits have the same voltage, your question is really asking which circuit has the lowest total resistance, since the lower the resistance, the higher the current
circuit a has a resistance of 5 ohms; circuit c is in series so has a resistance of 10 ohms; circuit b is in parallel and therefore has a resistance of 2.5 ohms (review your notes on adding resistances in parallel and series); therefore b has the highest current
answered: robertcoe426
16.07.2019 02:00
Ibelieve the answer you're looking for is
answered: connermichaela
12.07.2019 03:30
Cpowerlifting my boi
answered: arod20061
10.07.2019 07:30
The answer is frictional force

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