The lines on the graph below represent the cost of apples at four different stores. A graph titled Cost of Apples has pounds of apples on the x-axis and total cost in dollars on the y-axis. Line A goes through points (0, 0) and (4, 3). Line B goes through points (0, 0) and (4, 4). Line C goes through points (0, 0) and (4, 5). Line D goes through points (0, 0) and (4, 8). At which store is the cost of apples the least? A B C D Mark this and return

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No, mark me ! ((brainliest))
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just shows you didnt study and haven't gotten any smarter. lol jk


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the answer is zaxby's

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Graph A


we need to find the slope using the slope formula y2-y1/x2-x1

Graph A:3-0/4-0


Graph B: 4-0/4-0


Graph C: 5-0/4-0


Graph D 8-0/4-0


These slopes are the cost per pound of apple and graph A has the smallest slope

hopes. This helps please mark brainliest

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