A desk chair underwent the following changes in price before being removed from the store. 22% Markup
30% Markup
36% Markdown
18% Markdown
If the final price of the desk chair was $167 79, what was the original price to the nearest dollar? Round all dollar
values to the nearest cent
b 5122
С $144
d S196
Please select the best answer from the choices provided
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originalbeast6p2799m   ·   08.05.2022 16:00
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answered: DnsMonsteR7712
07.07.2019 23:30
My opinion is that it doesn't
answered: ItzNayaa
06.07.2019 08:40
Okay perfect i'll be sure to do that lol
answered: Prettygirlbuggy
03.07.2019 20:30
Adjustdjjdjsksfhsgrd he hdhddjjdjd
answered: Zachary4759
30.06.2019 15:30

d.) continue to rise rapidly

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